MarketingNanay on a holiday! :)

Preggo Christmas

Hi everyone!   MarketingNanay will be taking a break for the holidays. ^_^   I hope to see you all next year, for more marketing and nanay news!   I’m also expecting CALEB by February, so it’s an exciting year altogether. Squee!   Happy holidays! ♥ ]

Rebranding: What time is it?

But, no, I’m not talking about Adventure Time. This is actually about..   ~*~*~ If you’re a Filipino, born in the 80s or 90s, you probably have heard of the Hotel Sogo brand. If not, close this browser and go educate yourself. Hotel Sogo opened to the public back in 1992. According to [...] Read more »

Socials: Twitter’s Visual Timeline

A little over a month ago, Twitter rolled out a new feature for its timeline that aims to be more “visual”. Instead of having a “Show photo” link, users will now automatically see the photos attached for each Tweet. While this gives us a more Facebook-esque okay, fine, more VISUAL [...] Read more »

Our Whole-Hearted Light


He was staring off into nowhere. I poke him on his sides and he blurted out, “Caleb Lucis.” I looked at him questioningly. “Caleb Lucis,” he repeated with more conviction. And so it was. ~*~*~ When Dr. Abad scheduled me for a congenital anomaly scan last Wednesday, we were nervous [...] Read more »

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